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This page provides links to OBP reports relevant to U-M’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

Office of Budget and Planning DEI Strategic Plan – Year 3 (9/27/2018)
Campuswide and Unit Strategic Plans (leave OBP web site)

Michigan Almanac
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Student Reports • Ann Arbor campus
Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity (10/26/17)
Summary report of fall semester enrollment for last five years by degree level, gender and race/ethnicity.

Freshman Class Profile (11/10/17)
Summary report about new freshman students for the last five years, including data on the race & ethnicity of these students.

Degrees Granted by School/College (11/1/17)
Summary report for the last five years by degree level & School/College; degree level &amp race-ethnicity; degree level & gender; popular undergraduate degrees.

Degrees Granted by major (3/26/18)
Summary report for the last five years by major; degree level; race-ethnicity/citizenship; and gender.

Degrees Granted by subject area (Updated 3/26/18)
Summary report for the last five years by CIP area/degree level/race-ethnicity/citizenship/gender. CIP is Classification of Instructional Programs, a taxonomy developed by the U.S. Department of Education to support accurate tracking and reporting of fields of study and program completions (graduation).

Graduation Rates (9/7/17)
Summary Report for Freshman graduation rates at four-, five-, and six-years after first enrollment, over the last 10 years by race/ethnicity.

Student Body Snapshot, Fall 2018

  [Download 2018 Infographic]
  [Download 2016 Infographic]

Faculty/Staff Reports • Ann Arbor campus
Faculty Headcount (2/18/18)
Summary report for most recent five years available by job family, rank, tenure status, sex, race/ethnicity, and full-time/part-time status. Counts are based on each faculty or staff member’s primary paid appointment.

Faculty and Staff Headcount Detail (12/19/17)
Summary report for 2010 to current year available by rank, gender, and race/ethnicity. Instructional faculty appointments, paid or unpaid, are used for counting purposes ahead of any other appointments.

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