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Methodologies for Counting Faculty [PDF]

Faculty Headcount – U-M HR Definition Methodology (counts all faculty)
      This methodology maximizes faculty counts by counting all regular instructional faculty, clinical instructional faculty and lecturers if they have an appointment in one of these job families as of November 1.  These counts should be used if they are combined with Staff Headcounts from this web site.
      The appointment can be either paid or unpaid and does not have to be their primary job. For example, a dean with a dry faculty appointment would be counted as faculty instead of as an administrator. An individual with a research professor appointment at 75% effort and a professor appointment at 25% would be counted as a professor. A professor with a dry appointment (0.00 FTE) and no other appointment would be included in the professor counts.
      Supplemental instructional (adjunct and visiting), primary (research track, librarians and curators) and supplemental primary faculty are counted only if they have a paid faculty appointment and it is also the appointment with the most effort. Emeritus faculty and research fellows are not included.

Faculty Headcount – Fall Staff Survey Methodology (by primary job)
      This methodology counts individuals in their primary (major) job based on their paid appointments. Because of this definition, some regular faculty are excluded, because either their faculty appointment is dry or their non-faculty appointment has the most effort (FTE) associated with it. These counts should not be combined with the staff counts provided below, since the total employee count would be less than the actual headcount.
      The methodology for this report is similar to, but not consistent with, the methodology used for reporting faculty and staff to IPEDS. It differs from the actual IPEDS report because it includes librarians, archivists, and curators as part of the faculty, even though they are categorized as “Other Professionals” in IPEDS beginning Fall 2005. It also differs from IPEDS data in that it excludes research fellows.

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