Facts & Figures

Other Institutional Information

General Information, U-M Ann Arbor (Updated 3/14/18)
Includes campus contact information, president’s name, accreditation information, levels of degrees granted, and other campus characteristics.

Campus Maps, Directions and Transportation [leaving the OPB web site]

Facilities (Updated 8/14/18)
Data on the campus acreage, number of buildings, and gross square foot by General Fund and All Funds.

Major Construction/Renovation Projects, Current and Recently Completed. [leaving the OPB web site]

Library Statistics (Updated 8/14/18)
U-M Ann Arbor campus libraries, with aggregate holdings by type and expenditures, most recent five years available.

Rankings (Updated 2/27/19)
Includes rankings of University of Michigan-Ann Arbor undergraduate and graduate schools/colleges/programs and U-M Health System Specialities, as reported in U.S. News & World Report, Times Higher Education, Academic Ranking of World Universities, and several other sources.

Also, see Michigan Almanac
Ch. 1 – Overview of the University
Ch. 11 – Space & Sustainability
Ch. 12 – Academic & Reputation Rankings

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