Facts & Figures


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Summary report about the University of Michigan for prospective students and their parents.
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Admissions & Enrollment
Data on new freshmen regarding applications, admissions, and enrollment; race and ethnicity; in-state and out-of-state; and other student body data.

Tuition and Fees, Room and Board, Cost of Attendance.

Graduation and Degrees
Degrees granted by School and College, race and ethnicity and gender; graduation rates.

After Graduation
Breakdown of post-graduation activities for undergraduate students based on surveys of graduating seniors and recent alumni.

Activities & Policies
Student Activities and Student Services; policies on drugs, alcohol and smoking.

U-M Registrar’s Enrollment & Degree Reports [Leave OBP web site]

Also see, Michigan Almanac.
Ch. 2 – Undergraduate Students: Admissions & Enrollment
Ch. 3 – Undergraduate Students: Affordability
Ch. 4 – Undergraduate Student Success
Ch. 5 – Graduate Academic & Professional Degree Students

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