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  • Reports
    Estimated Cost of Attendance, Fall 2012 – Fall 2016 (Updated 6/28/16)
    Estimated costs for the most recent five years available, by broad budget categories for undergraduate and graduate students.

    Tuition and Fees Summary, Effective Fall 2016 (Updated 7/5/16)
    Summary of Fall 2016 Per Term Tuition and Fees Totals by Program and In-State/Out-of-State tuition residency status.

    Tuition and Fees History, Fall 2006 – Fall 2016 (Updated 7/8/16)
    Tuition and fees, by program undergraduate/graduate/professional program for the most recent ten years.

    Room and Board Rates, University Housing, Fall 2012 – Fall 2016 (Updated 6/28/16)
    Standard room and board rates for primary options in residence halls and family housing for the most recent five years.