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Why Response Rates Matter
UMAY Survey data are more useful as more students respond to items on the survey. Better response rates increase confidence that the responses are representative. They also permit us to drill down into the data, pursue meaningful research questions, and gain insights from specific populations of students and their experiences.

How we promote the UMAY survey
Our main form of communication is email. Every undergraduate student receives an email from the President inviting them to take the survey; subsequent reminders are mailed to those who have not yet responded. We also place an announcement on CANVAS. Digital ads are displayed throughout campus, and we tweet periodically about the survey.

How you can promote the UMAY survey
Help us by increasing the visibility of UMAY. Reach out to students you teach, advise, mentor, and supervise. Year after year, we find that students are most likely to respond if they are encouraged to take the survey by a person at the University that they know.

What can you do?
• Announce the survey in class & exam review sessions
• Write a reminder on your chalkboard or whiteboard
• Add an announcement/link to your course web page
• Include it in an email or newsletter
• Insert a slide in your lecture or review notes
• Mention it in advising meetings, project reviews, and other meetings with students
• Include it with commencement information for seniors
• Tweet about it
• Circulate a digital ad or graphic

It’s not too late!
We keep the UMAY survey open after Winter Term ends. We have learned that some of the students who were too busy during the term are more amenable to providing feedback after classes have finished, even if they’ve left campus. In previous years we have substantially improved response rates when we contact students and new graduates in May and June!


Sample Messages, Ads, and Graphics   [Top of Page]

Please contact us at if you need help drafting something or have questions.

Here are some blurbs and graphics for your use:

SAMPLE Email #1
Please help U-M to be the best it can be! Give us feedback on your undergrad experience — take the opportunity to tell us how to improve. We want to hear from all currently-registered undergrads, regardless of class level.

Go to to take the survey, see the latest response rates by school/college, and find out more about the U-M’s official undergraduate survey.

SAMPLE Email #2
By now you should have received an email inviting you to take the UMAY 2017 survey. The University uses the survey data to learn about ways to provide you with the best experience it can. Please consider spending 20 minutes to complete the survey – it’s an important contribution to a better experience for you and for students like you!

Access the survey from


• “You could win $100 for sharing your experiences on campus”
• “Tell U-M What It Needs to Know”
* “Your Voice Matters — Have Your Say via UMAY”
• “Your thoughts can help make U-M the Leaders and the Best”

(short and sweet for a chalkboard/whiteboard)

The University wants undergraduate feedback. Take the Survey. Share Your Experience. Make Your Campus Better.

(something you can add to a lecture or exam review slide set)
UMAY powerpoint slide1

UMAY powerpoint slide2

Right-click or Control-click an image to save a copy.

Notices suitable for web pages
UMAY web graphic
(550×170 pixels, 72 dpi)

UMAY web graphic
(550×170 pixels, 72 dpi)

UMAY web graphic
(550×170 pixels, 72 dpi)

Flyers for bulletin boards
UMAY web graphic

UMAY web graphic

UMAY web graphic

UMAY Graphic #1
(1024×768 pixels, 72 dpi)

Looking for a specific report or data type? Try the search field in the banner above, or send a message to with your question or suggestion.

Looking for a specific report or data type? Try the search field in the banner above, or send a message to with your question or suggestion.