How are UMAY Survey Results Used?

Your survey responses are very valuable to U-M.

Here are some examples of ways in which U-M is using U-MAY data.

  • Deans of every undergraduate unit review yearly reports showing student responses on 52 key items related to their overall U-M experience and to their academic major. Reports are provided for each major in which more than 5 undergrads responded.
  • The University Diversity Council Student reviews student responses on questions about the campus climate.
  • UMAY 2013 questions about improving the campus asked students to provide open-ended comments, which were provided to deans, departments, and student government.
  • The School of Kinesiology has used UMAY results during discussions about curriculum reform and in its evaluation of academic advising provided by faculty and staff.
  • Key administrators reviewed every comment that students made about costs on the 2009 survey. Subsequently, new questions were added to the survey about the cost of attendance, even allowing open-ended responses.
  • Via the UMAY twitter feed, U-M staff members share advice reported through the UMAY survey that students would like to share with their peers.
  • An Honors student in LSA used UMAY data to conduct research for his thesis on the experience of first-generation college students.
  • The U-M uses UMAY data in grant applications to secure funding to improve the student experience.
  • The “Selected Findings” section of the UMAY web page provides brief topical reports and infographics about U-M students.Brief topical reports and infographics are made publicly available on the sections of the UMAY web page.
  • For more examples, see “Survey measures undergrad experience for departments, faculty
  • Results on key questions are shared in the Chapters 4 and 8 of the U-M Almanac.

Is your unit not listed? Please share with us what you have done with the UMAY results so that we can add them to our list of examples.