Selected UMAY Findings

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Your survey responses are very valuable to the U-M.

Examples of how the U-M uses UMAY responses

  • Deans of every undergraduate unit review yearly reports showing student responses on 52 key items related to their overall U-M experience and to their academic major. Reports are provided for each major in which more than 5 undergrads responded.
  • The University Diversity Council Student reviews student responses on questions about the campus climate.
  • UMAY 2013 questions about improving the campus asked students to provide open-ended comments, which were provided to deans, departments, and student government.
  • The School of Kinesiology has used UMAY results during discussions about curriculum reform and in its evaluation of academic advising provided by faculty and staff.
  • Key administrators reviewed every comment that students made about costs. Subsequently, new questions were added to the survey about the cost of attendance.
  • An Honors student in LSA used UMAY data to conduct research for his thesis on the experience of first-generation college students.
  • The U-M uses UMAY data in grant applications to secure funding to improve the student experience.
  • For more examples, see “Survey measures undergrad experience for departments, faculty
  • Results on key questions are shared in the Chapters 4 and 8 of the U-M Almanac.

2019 UMAY Survey Results Summary

Click image to download handout (Feb 11, 2020 version)

2019 UMAY Summary Report [PDF]

2018 UMAY Survey Results Summary

Click image to download handout

2018 UMAY Summary Report [PDF]

2017 UMAY Survey Results Summary

Click image to download handout

2017 UMAY Summary Report [PDF]

2015 UMAY Survey Results Summary

2015 UMAY Summary Report [PDF]

2014 UMAY Survey Results Summary

In Students’ Own Words: What Faculty Could Do To Improve the Undergraduate Experience [PDF]
Comments from First-Generation Students [PDF]
Student Participation in Engaged Learning [PDF]
Engaged Learning: Faculty Actions [PDF]
Student-to-Student Engagement with Diversity [PDF]
Personal Obstacles to Academic Success [PDF]

2013 UMAY Survey Results Summary

Summary of Responses from Graduating Seniors (PDF)
Chart: Satisfaction with Key Aspects of U-M by Freshman/Transfer Entry (PDF)
Chart: Student Reports of Obstacles to Academic success (PDF)
Chart: Student Engagement in Political Issues (PDF)
Chart: Student-to-Student Engagement with Diversity at Michigan (PDF)
Chart: What Motivates U-M Students to Engage in Community Service? (PDF)

2011 UMAY Survey Results Summary

The 2011 survey included special questions that asked a random subset of students why they chose to attend U-M, and how they felt connected to the institution. OBP produced two reports summarizing their responses:
Why I Chose Michigan (PDF)
Connectedness at Michigan: What Our Undergrads Have to Say (PDF)

2009 UMAY Survey Results Summary

2009 Quick Takes (PDF)
This report compares U-M to the aggregate of the responses by students at other SERU consortium schools on a specific set of metrics

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