Protecting the Confidentiality of your Survey Responses

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The confidentiality of your responses is very important to us. We comply with the University’s Human Research Participant Program, and the survey has been reviewed and approved by U-M’s Institutional Review Board as HUM00027019.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions that are not answered here.

Protecting Your Privacy: Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required by law. By participating, you agree to allow U-M to match your survey responses to official campus information crucial to answering important questions about the undergraduate experience. These data are:

  • Personal demographics (e.g. sex, race/ethnicity, residency status)
  • Admissions application information (e.g. test scores, high school GPA)
  • Financial aid status, including aid received
  • Transfer status/credits
  • Academic record (e.g. current class level, credits earned, GPA, major, courses taken)
  • Membership in a Michigan Learning Community
  • Participation in athletics
  • Use of U-M facilities

Once the survey data is linked to academic information, the personally-identifiable information will be removed from the data set. With your permission, the University of Michigan will retain the ability to link survey data back to you, but will guard your confidentiality.

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