Michigan Almanac

The “go-to” document for anyone interested in data about the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus.

The Michigan Almanac provides a consolidated source of data and commentary covering major activities of the U-M Ann Arbor campus. This document includes sections on student admissions and enrollment, costs of attendance, student achievement, faculty and staff statistics, diversity indicators for all parts of the campus community, teaching and learning activities, research and technology transfer, budget, development, space, sustainability, and academic rankings. The Almanac is a factbook covering information and data for many purposes and audiences.
The first edition of the Almanac was published in January 2013. In each subsequent edition, all charts that were updated from the previous edition are marked with a star in the Table of Contents, the Chart List at the beginning of each chapter, and next to the chart title. Questions? Send email to michigan.almanac@umich.edu

Michigan Almanac (8th Edition, Aug 2016)

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Errata, Jan. 17, 2017

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