Understanding the U-M Budget

Where Does the Money Go?

In March 2021, then Senior Vice Provost Amy Dittmar, recorded seven videos to communicate budget concepts to a campus audience.

Where these videos provide financial data, it is current for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. Many of the concepts and principles discussed in the videos, however, are relevant in any budget year.

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Budget Pie Chart

Description of the components of the All Funds budget for Ann Arbor campus. (Duration: 13:47)

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General Fund Flows

Explanation of how General Fund dollars that come to the provost’s office are distributed to units across the Ann Arbor campus. (Duration: 11:51)

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State Funding

An overview of State Funding and the importance of the University’s partnership with the State of Michigan. (Duration: 11:12)

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Financial Aid

An overview of Financial Aid at the Ann Arbor campus and its effect on net price for students. (Duration: 10:05)

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Capital Projects

Description of how the University plans and pays for new and renovated facilities on campus. (Duration: 14:03)

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Cost Containment

Discussion of the University’s efforts to contain costs, gain efficiency, and mitigate the pressures on setting tuition. (Duration: 14:13)

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Endowment Basics

Information about how endowments work and how institutions use them to advance their missions, with limited information about U-M’s endowment specifically. (Duration: 15:33)

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