Faculty & Staff

The U-M produces counts of faculty using two different methods.

  • Method 1: Instructional faculty appointments, whether paid or unpaid (the latter are referred to as “dry appointments”), are tallied ahead of any additional appointments these people may hold.
  • Method 2: All appointments are based on each person’s primary paid appointment.
  • Note: Counts of staff always use Method 2.

Method 1 produces a higher unduplicated total faculty count than method 2.

Method 1 applied to Faculty

Faculty and Staff Census – By Campus, Health System and Total
[PDF]   [XLSX]
Summary report for most recent five years available and data by major job groups and campus.
Ann Arbor campus and Health System are listed separately.

Faculty and Staff Headcount Summary, Ann Arbor Campus
[PDF]   [XLSX]
Summary report for most recent eight years available, by job family.

Faculty and Staff Headcount Detail, Ann Arbor Campus
[PDF]   [XLSX]
Summary report for 2010 to current year available by rank, gender, and race/ethnicity.

Method 2 applied to Faculty

Faculty Headcount by Primary Appointment
[PDF]   [XLSX]
Summary report for most recent five years available by job family, rank, tenure status, sex, race/ethnicity, and full-time/part-time status.

Other Sources of Faculty and Staff Data

Michigan Almanac
Chapter 6 – Faculty & Staff
Chapter 7 – Diversity

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