Michigan Almanac

A balanced and factual picture of all facets of the
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus.

The Michigan Almanac provides a consolidated source of data and commentary covering all aspects and major activities of the U-M Ann Arbor campus. More than a factbook, the Michigan Almanac serves many purposes and has many audiences.

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Michigan Almanac, 17th Edition (March 2021)

Complete Almanac

Table of Contents & Introduction
Ch. 1 – Overview of the University
Ch. 2 – Undergraduate Students: Admissions & Enrollment
Ch. 3 – Undergraduate Students: Affordability
Ch. 4 – Undergraduate Student Success
Ch. 5 – Graduate Academic & Professional Students
Ch. 6 – Faculty & Staff
Ch. 7 – Diversity
Ch. 8 – Teaching & Learning
Ch. 9 – Research & Technology Transfer
Ch. 10 – Finances & Fundraising
Ch. 11 – Space & Sustainability
Ch. 12 – Academic & Reputation Rankings

The first edition of the Almanac was published in January 2013.
Charts that have been updated from the previous edition are marked with a star next to the chart title.

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