Budget Performance and Transparency

2021-22 Report

Mandated reporting per the State School Aid Act of 1979. As new data become available, the items for last year will be updated to their current versions.

Public Transparency Website Requirements [PDF]
(Excerpt from the State School Aid Act of 1979)

(2)(a) 2021-22 Operating Budget Summary [PDF]
            2021-22 Operating Budget Detail

(2)(b)(i) Summary of Personnel Expenditures
General Funds as reported in HEIDI, FY2021 [PDF]
Current Funds as reported in University Financial Statements, FY2021 [PDF]

(2)(b)(ii) Summary of Current Funds Expenditures
Expenditures by Function incl. Auxiliary Units, FY2021 [PDF]
Expenditures by Function, less Auxiliary Units, FY2021 [PDF]

(2)(c)(i) Current Collective Bargaining Agreements
Bargaining Agreements for On-Campus Staff (leave OBP web site)
Bargaining Agreements for Health System Staff (leave OBP web site)
Bargaining Agreements for Instructional Staff (leave OBP web site)

(2)(c)(ii) Health Care Benefits Plans (leave OBP web site)

(2)(c)(iii) Audited Financial Statements (leave OBP web site)

(2)(d) All Campus Annual Salary Disclosure Report, 12/17/2021 [PDF]

(2)(e) General Fund revenue and expenditure projections for FY2022 and FY2023 [PDF]

(2)(f) Debt service obligations by project and total outstanding debt, FY2022 [PDF]

(2)(g) Policy on transferability of core college course credits earned at community colleges (leave OBP web site)

(2)(h) List of community colleges that have entered into reverse transfer agreements, FY2022 [PDF]

(3)(a – h) Performance Report Card [PDF]
Enrollment, Student retention rate, Six-year graduation rate, Pell recipients and graduation rate, Student-faculty ratio, Student-employee ratio, teaching load by faculty classification, graduation outcome rates, Post-graduation outcomes.

(6)(a – b) Opportunities for earning college credit through certain programs, FY2021 [PDF]

(7) Count and percentage of enrolled students who filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by academic level, FY2021 [PDF]

U-M students pass licensure exams at very high rates [PDF]

Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee report (Capital Projects)

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