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Admissions and Enrollment

Data on new freshmen and new undergraduate transfer students.

  • Enrollment, Ann Arbor campus [PDF]
    Summary report of fall semester enrollment for last five years by academic level; academic level and citizenship; academic level and school/college; class level and residency (in-state/out-of-state); academic level, sex and race/ethnicity; and undergraduate student average age.
  • Freshman Class Profile [PDF]
    Summary report for the last five years of freshman applications/admissions/enrollment by full-time/part-time/race & ethnicity/tuition residency (in-state or out-of-state); GPA and SAT/ACT scores; National Merit Finalist counts.
  • Undergraduate Transfer Students [PDF]
    Summary report for the last five years of undergraduate transfer student applications/admissions/enrollment; class level at enrollment. Based on Fall semester data.
  • Student Body Characteristics [PDF]
    Geographic origin of students, freshman retention rates, most popular undergraduate majors.
  • All Campuses Enrollment, Ann Arbor/Dearborn/Flint [PDF]
    Summary report of fall semester enrollment for last five years by degree level.

Other sources of data
Undergraduate Admissions Facts & Figures (leave OBP web site)
U-M Registrar Reports (leave OBP web site)
Michigan Almanac
Chapter 2: Undergraduate Students: Admissions & Enrollment [PDF]
Chapter 7: Diversity [PDF]

Tuition, Fees, Cost of Attendance

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  • Tuition and Fees Summary, Fall 2021 [PDF]
    Summary of Per Term Tuition and Fees Totals by Program and In-State/Out-of-State tuition residency status.
  • Estimated Cost of Attendance, Fall 2017–Fall 2021 [PDF]
    Estimated costs for the most recent five years available, by broad budget categories for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Tuition and Fees History, FY2013–FY2022 [PDF]
    Tuition and fees by program level for the past decade.
  • Room and Board Rates, University Housing, 2016/17–2020/21 [PDF]
    Standard room and board rates for primary options in residence halls and family housing for the most recent five years.

Other Sources of Data
Affordability Guide to the U-M for In-State Students
(leave OBP web site)
U-M Registrar’s Tuition & Fees – Ann Arbor
(leave OBP web site)
The Registrar provides reports of tuition and mandatory fees by academic program and student level, as well as course-specific fees by term.
Student Fees – link coming
(leave OBP web site)
This standard practice document specifies the process that is followed to establish student fees, including those linked to individual courses or other student programs and activities.
Michigan Almanac
– Chapter 3: Undergraduate Students – Affordability [PDF]

Graduation and Degrees

Other Sources of Data
Michigan Almanac
Chapter 4: Undergraduate Student Success [PDF]

After Graduation

Individual Schools and Colleges collect data on what bachelor’s graduates do after graduation. The Office of Budget and Planning aggregates these reports to produce the table here for the campus.

The three largest undergraduate units produce detailed reports on their bachelor’s graduates.

College of Engineering

Ross School of Business

College of Literature, Science & the Arts
Ford School of Public Policy
School of Music, Theater & Dance

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